Barli Asmara Couture Collections


Jambi for Kain Negeriku - Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2017




Jambi for Kain negeriku is based on Barli's love for Indonesia's culture.  This collection uses unique colors that is not familiar to batik Jambi, such as black, white, great and blue. Creating a modern and edgy fashion for the modern women of Indonesia. This collection was presented at Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2017.


Orchid Fervor - Indonesia Fashion Week 2017


In collaboration with Wardah's YOUniverse Celebrations of Colours and 7 other designers, Barli Asmara created a collection inspired by Orchid flower. The colors used in this collection is Barli Asmara's signature colors and that is black and white. Orchid Fervor was presented at Indonesia Fashion Week 2017.


 La Vie Bohème - Jakarta Fashion Week 2018




 Glow of Parai - Indonesia Fashion Week 2016


Glow of Parai is a collection that is a part of Versailles Garden. Using nude, shimmer gold, and rose gold as the colors, Barli creates a beautiful collection that show not only a feminine side of woman but also a dynamic side that make a modern and stylish woman. This collection is presented at Indonesia Fashion Week 2016.


Versailles Garden - Jakarta Fashion Week 2017


Versailles Garden is the themed for this collection. Inspired from gardens, He feels plants, flowers and butterflies are a natural balancer and worth to protect and love. Using only 1 color and his signatures such as ribbons, fringe, dimensions of sequins and embroidery.

Presented at Jakarta Fashion Week 2016.



New York Couture Fashion Week 2015



Royal Kerancang - Jakarta Fashion Week 2014



For this collection Barli used black and white as the main colors forming the theme as Noir et Blanc. Using his signature technic which is bordir kerancang and laser cut. The silhouette for this collection were more cheerful, fun but still classic. The face mask was made with pearls, giving the collection an elegant and cheerful designs but also edgy and mysterious. 



Royal Javanese - Show Trend IPMI 2014



Royal javanese is one collection inspired by a tradition closer to home. The inspiration behind the collection is, javanese dance, batik, accessories, and makeup. Royal javanese reflects the beauty and elegance of Indonesian culture that is poured in a couture collection.
This collection was shown at Show Trend IPMI 2014.


Royal Embroidery - Show Trend IPMI 2014


This collection was shown at Show Trend IPMI 2014, here Barli Asmara is showcasing the works of carvers, and embroiders. The themed is taken from the castles in Europe, combining the elegance of the woman in the earlier times and the modern women of today. Creating a show stopping look that is beautiful to look at as well as worn. 


The Fringe - Show Trend IPMI 2013


Inspired by the 20's where there's a new flair for music, cinema and fashion. 
Barli also gives the collection oriental touches. There's a combination with indonesian handicraft in the silver flowers from Garut that is inspired from the coast of China giving the garments a beautiful and fluid effects. 

Macrame - Show Trend IPMI 2012


Macrame by definition is the art of knotting cord or string in patterns to make decorative articles, such as bracelets, necklaces, handbags and so on. The collection was shown at Show Trend IPMI 2012. Barli chose natural colors to enhance the technic rather than making it chaotic, creating a beautiful intricate designs. 



Pattern Magic - Jakarta Fashion Week 2011 - Dewi Fashion Knights



Pattern Magic is Barli Asmara's collection that was presented on 2009 at Jakarta Fashion Week 2011. This collection was inspired by origami folds and repetitive forms that can be found all around us. The technic used gives the garments a beautiful dimension, 
making the collection very unique and edgy.

 Royal Smock - Jakarta Fashion Week 2010 - Dewi Fashion Knights

This collection was presented at Jakarta Fashion Week 2010 and Barli became one of Dewi Fashion Knights that night. The technic  behind this collection is called Smock. It is one of Indonesia's handicraft, usually it is used for home decorations such as pillow or table cloth. This bold move attract the attention of fashion lovers alike and it creates a beautiful and edgy dresses with Barli's signature colors: black, white and silver.



All About Ribbon - Bazaar Wedding 2010

Ribbons are history oldest fashion ornaments. Ribbons usually gives the impression of cheerful on it's own. So when Barli Asmara creates this collection call "All about Ribbon" it give the garments a dramatic feel. The collection was presented on 2010 at Bazaar Wedding